About Us

We make it easier for the parents and teachers to communicate on a daily basis with multiple digital channels. We are trying to bridge the gap between the teachers and parents by developing a strong trust bond. cJourneyTM is an integrated part of Bing Web Services (UK) and Bing Web Services is currently working in UK, Germany, India and expanding at a very fast pace.

We provide our employees with the best business tools and facilities to achieve job satisfaction and challenges. We provide our people with every opportunity to ensure they develop a world-class career. Our employees are the pillars of our companies. We ensure a world class-working environment and opportunities to grow.

Child Learning (India) and Child Learning (UK) were established in 2015. However the founding company 'Bing Web Services (UK) Ltd.' was founded in September 2009 in England and Wales. Bing Web Services has developed the cJourneyTM (a Trade Mark Product) as a Global product, which can be customized for any country.

We are one of the leading digital and web solution companies in the education market. This is the first time we have launched our product in the Indian market with a straight goal of improving cJourneyTM, focusing on the children between 5 years to 15 years.

Our Vision

  • To make the parents feel that they are connected to their children always.
  • Efficient and easy communication between parents and teachers through a digital channel.
  • To support schools as partners in providing the best care the children.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide dedicated customer support to each and every school.
  • To have the fastest on boarding process for all our partners in our domain.
  • Our objective is to become a global business and technology leader by 2020, who are known to provide innovative, specific, useful and value based products and services.
  • To have a trustworthy long-term relationship with all our partners.
  • To be an employee friendly company. Shaping and enhancing their career goals with company's growth.

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