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Anniversary Time – 4 Years of Innovation and Creativity

Child Learning Group is thrilled to announce the completion of 4 successful years in the business. It has been a glorious journey till now and with the turn of the decade, we are picking up our operational pace swiftly. cJourney and FunKidsIndia are the two pivotal products of the group. The cJourney platform is the best-in-class product for parent-teacher communication in the UK. In August 2015, Mr. Gagan Rana (CEO & Founder) and Daniela Thompson (Education Advisor) embarked on the journey towards the dream of making a difference in parent-teacher communication. 


  • Listed in “The Top 10 Most Promising Education App provided in 2017” by Silicon India/US Magazine Group
  • Awarded “The 10 Most Influential Educational Leaders in 2018″ by Knowledge Review Global Magazine
  • Awarded Great British Business by Telegraph UK In 2019 
  • Awarded as “Special Global Education Tech Leader of 2019″ by Knowledge Review Global Magazine 


To connect parents and schools with each other locally and to communicate seamlessly by using any digital channel, from anywhere and without a hassle. The key element of cJourney’s growth is interoperability. The open nature of the platform makes it easier for schools and parents to adopt smoothly. We want to provide a seamless user experience without having to go to their schools to meet teachers.

Child Learning over the last decade has taken a swift turn toward digital platforms and the following decade will be more about added features & technicalities. Early education is the key to any child’s overall development. No parent wants to compromise on it today. Child Learning has risen from the horizons as one of the great platforms for parent-teacher education with a similar understanding with schools-teachers. Our cJourney app is a new generation, Global, and cost-effective parent-teacher communication digital platform.


Recently the application and its features have been modified to the next level to notify parents about the latest happenings in your child’s school.

  • cMessage is now revamped to the next level. So, parents and teachers can exchange files, PDFs, excel sheets and documents apart from the conversation.
  • Daily Diary lets you know the time-to-time updates of your child in the Day Care Center or School.
  • Attendance marking and viewing on a daily/monthly/weekly basis is swifter than before.
  • GPS tracking has been upgraded to the most accurate level. So, it helps you keep track of and automatically locate the child’s location.
  • Fees management is an attractive feature on the app that allows parents to view the fee structure of the class and the paid details.

The app is enabling parent-teacher communication by connecting them on a secured private network that requires authorization. You are also getting an interactive calendar, event notifications and course-wise grade reports of students from the app. 


The product is the brainchild of the CEO, Mr. Gagan Rana. A Safe Digital Home for a Child!! The channels are exclusively for kids (6 years to 12 years) with a learning twist. It is having LIVE VIDEOS, EVENTS, PODCASTS, WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS, MOVIES REVIEWS, STORIES, etc. Screening and verification are done manually to provide child SAFE programs which are full of fun and provides learning at the same time. 

A word from the CEO, “Children must be taught how to think, and not what to think in fun manner”.

With Fun Kids India, 70% is all about fun & entertainment and 30% learning. We have our state-of-the-art production house in Noida, The Digital Hub of India.  The mission is to implant knowledge and information in the kid’s mind in a fun way. We are currently the only online platform in India with content dedicated entirely to kids. The aim is to become a 24X7 LIVE channel for kids in the year 2020.

We also provide WEB & APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES along with DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES. The group is an agile and service minded organization operating around the world. It was founded in 2015 and it has contributed hugely in solving some of the toughest business challenges. Child Learning Group is looking to tap into the market space of 50M for Fun Kids India and 13M for cJourney.


Child Learning Group is looking for expansion in the India and UK market. We are going for a seed round of funds in 2020 to maximize the recent momentum, expand the products to other environments, and continue to develop the applications that automate services for both schools and parents.

Soon PAYMENT GATEWAY will be part of the system and application. That will ease off payment of fees for both teachers and schools. 

As a company/group in 2020, we are looking to continue to pump more features into the cJourney app and roll the app into the global markets. We are working continuously on the development of online learning modules for early kid’s education. Our aim is to benefit parents and teachers in building a better future. 


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Time – 4 Years of Innovation and Creativity

  1. Child Learning is unique in every way possible. A great initiative towards seamless connection between schools and parents, which will allow parents to monitor child’s journey.

    Children too can learn while having fun with the initiative of FunKids.in

    Greatness unleashed, all the best to the team.


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