Child Life Journey

How many of you scroll your phone  gallery and view the photographs to recall what all you have done in the past few days or months? I think most of us do this. It feels so good to see all the memories together at one place without making efforts to sort and organize them. Have you ever wondered how easy it would be  if you can see the school photographs of your children in one go and that too on your mobile. Parents if you were out or didn’t got time out of your busy schedule to view your child’s pic on daily basis, don’t feel guilty as you can now view all his activities of the month together.

cJourney has an amazing Child Life Journeyfeature.  It allows you to  experience your child’s journey of growing and learning like never before. It helps in easily managing and sharing your child’s photos securely and privately .It helps you to keep a track of his monthly activities if those were missed by you for a certain period. It also helps teachers in easily managing the portfolio of child.

Having cJourney app is a win-win situation for school management  as well as parents.

We recommend every school to take the maximum benefit of such a useful feature created by our efficient team.

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