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We spoke with Mrs Shritama Jain the Directing Principal of Creative Kidz, The Playschool, Ajmer  to get the scoop on Childgrowth and Development. She is among the most influential school principals in education sector in Ajmer.

Q: What do you like most about working with children?

A: The children are just like clay you can mould them in any particular shape.
They are tiny creatures who need to be polished well.

Q: How do you encourage children to work in groups?

A: I try my best to teach the most common thing that is sharing which most of the children are unaware of, so first is sharing and then automatically the children put efforts to do all the group activities.

Q: Outline the role of parents in school?

A: Parents are the initial teacher of the children, they could build as well as ruin the child’s future.
So, if there are any activities held in school I request the parents to kindly help the child to participate because parents are always the first step for the child’s future.

Q: How does the day of an infant in your classroom differ from the day of a toddler in your classroom?

A: Infants are a smaller then the toddlers. So basically we make the infant only play in the playhouse which has a all the common things pasted or drawed on the walls through which the infact learns whereas
For a toddler which is older then the infants have more gaining capacity. So for them there are written activities organized for easy learning.
Infants are more focused on oral studies and toddlers are more focused on written studies.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Mrs Shritama Jain as much as we did.  To learn more about Creative kidz, The Playschool, Ajmer please visit Creative kidz facebook.

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