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How to make your child healthy and happy.


Children need a variety of nutritional food and physical exercise to stay fit and healthy. Healthy food not only makes them physically fit but also makes them happy, active and mentally sound.

Why healthy pupils are happy children:

1)Healthy food gives more energy:

It is very important for parents to make their child eat healthy food from a very young age. Talk to them about how healthy eating will make them grow big and strong.

2)Encourage Exercise

Healthy kids are more involved in Sports. A child who is in sports team in his school is more confident and independent than other children of his class. He is quick in making new friends. Socialization is important for children to stay happy.

3.Make fruits and vegetables more appealing.

Make your healthy food more enticing. Ask your kid to join you to farmers shop. Allow him to pick  the vegetables he has never tried before. Create a food collage and present it in new ways.

4.Cooking  together.

Let your child help you in preparing meals. He will be more willing to eat something he has made. Family bonding makes  happier children. Do remember to keep an eye on young children when they are in kitchen.

Children who are substantially overweight are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, poor self-esteem, and long-term health problems in adulthood. Stop your child from eating junk food. Junk food is high in sugar, calories, and low in nutrients.

See the chart below and replace your child’s junk food with these healthy food.

Unhealthy FoodHealthy Food
French fries“Baked fries” grilled in the oven
Ice-creamYogurt or fresh fruit smoothie
SodaFruity Sparking water
CandyFrozen grapes
Potato chipsBaked vegetable chips.

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