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How To Keep Your Children Busy this Winter Week?

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As soon as the winter break starts the one phrase that parents hear the most is “I’m getting bored”. Children spend most of the time watching T.V.  It is a good practice to plan activities ahead of time to keep your children engaged and entertained.

Here are few ways which can help you to keep your Children engaged at home:

1)Puppet Show:

With few craft material and  some  creativity, help your kids make their own puppets. Help them in writing a story and then perform a puppet show.

2)Living Room Picnic:

Take out their favourite bed sheet and drape it over like a tent to make a picnic like environment in your living room. Ask your kids to help you prepare their favourite food items. Surprise your kids by inviting their friends.


Use your old plastic water bottles. Fill them with water so as to make them heavy. Use a ball for bowling.

4)Fashion Show:

Who don’t loves to dress up. Ask your children to take out their favorite clothes from the closet and use accessories available at home. Give your girls the idea to make accessories out of flowers and leaves. Make a runway and play some nice music. Let them show their talent.

5)Home Decorations:

Help your kids make decorative items using old household items. You can use old CD’S , bottles, newspapers etc. You can even use kitchen ingredients for inventive projects.

I hope these ideas will help you to keep your children busy.

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