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How trauma impacts child’s ability?

Trauma Impacts And Affect Kids

What is trauma for a child?

Child Trauma is a specific event or a series of events that happens to a child. These are scary, dangerous and violent. The child feels helpless and overwhelms in his/her ability to cope.

This traumatic experience generally occurs in age group of children between 0 and 12 years. This can be the result of intentional violence such as child physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, result of natural disaster, accidents, emotional negligence or physical negligence. Sometimes parental separation or divorce can also be one of the reasons of childhood trauma.

How do you come to know that a child is suffering from childhood Trauma?

A child who is suffering from trauma behaves in an uncharacteristic manner. The symptoms may vary depending upon the age of child. For example a pre-schooler may return to bedwetting, crying and screaming, having night mares, activity levels become much higher or lower than the peers etc. Whereas an elementary school child may feel guilty or shy often, face difficulty in sleeping, show changes in school performance, start fighting with peers or adults unreasonably.

How should parents deal with such behaviour of the child?

There are times when parents are not aware of the effects of trauma on the child and they may misinterpret his behaviour and end up becoming frustrated or resentful. Children who have experienced trauma or are still suffering form trauma need special love and attention. It becomes very important for the parents to make them feel secure. Parent emotional and physical presence is must for them. Parents should behave patiently  and encourage their child in whatever manner they accept.

If the symptoms last for few weeks or your child behaviour becomes worse with time it becomes important to consult a counsellor or a therapist as they may help in addressing the cause of such behaviour and promote healing.

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