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eClasses solution is launched!

eClass Solution


We all know how difficult it is getting for everyone around the world to cope with the current situation. With most institutions shut their door from the start of this year, they are aiming to open their doors to all with caution.

Within institute settings, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and following other rules will be slightly tough and will have a touch of uncertainty and fear.

Seeing the current data of the Covid-19 cases, they are only increasing day by day and as suggested by the various global health organization it’s not going to end anytime soon. The sight of definite medicine is still unknown.

With a provision of not wearing masks within a class and teachers being in contact with pupils openly, reopening of the institutions could be an invitation to the second spike of Cornovirus Cases unless all of us follow a disciplined routine at school and at home.

Hybrid Teaching

And as a result of this, it is becoming very crucial for every institution including schools, colleges, and coaching centers to turn to hybrid ways of learning. This will limit the amount of interaction between pupils and teachers and hence limit the increase in spike cases.

Hybrid teaching is a mix of a traditional (face to face) and eClasses teaching i.e. virtual classroom.

Interconnected Bubbles.

The idea of staying in a secure bubble is very good, however, how an institute or parents will ensure that no one breaks the bubble… To us, it’s just not a bubble but it’s a pipe, that contains thousands of interconnected bubbles by thin separation. These bubbles are at work, at child school, at home, in a football team, and in friends circle. We need to be careful that we stay safe and vigilant all the time and don’t pass a virus from one bubble to another.

Disciplined Routine 

This can only be achieved by following a strict and disciplined routine of wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and other guidelines. Yes, it will tough at the start and gradually it will become the normal – A new normal!!

Don’t let your guards down!!

eClasses Solution Launched.

The good news that Child Learning Group has recently launched an eClasses Solution on its cJourney platform with Zoom. This is available to institutes in the UK, in India, and around the globe. You can start your eClass today.

Visit https://childlearning.uk/eclass.php

or call us on +44 7384 400 800 / +91 96547 56158

or email us on sales@childlearning.uk

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