child creativity

How To Boost Your Child’s Creativity? | CJourney

Every child is a creative genius. They are born this way. They are smart, creative and fearless. They are bursting with magic and imagination. You just need to throw out all the boxes you prepared to fit their minds in. Creative activities help build confidence and self -esteem and even help kids feel like they have more control over the…

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Education Expert Interview

We spoke with Mrs Shritama Jain the Directing Principal of Creative Kidz, The Playschool, Ajmer  to get the scoop on Childgrowth and Development. She is among the most influential school principals in education sector in Ajmer. Q: What do you like most about working with children? A: The children are just like clay you can mould them in any particular shape.They…

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parent teacher app

Get School Fee Collection Free Software | Parent Teacher App

Managing school fees is a tedious job keeeping in view all the other activiites that the administration undertakes. To reduce the workload of the school cJourney has introduced a fee management  software Parent Teacher App .This smart features will support the teacher and parent interaction and will promote  more involvement of both in advancements of the child’s education.The App would…

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child safety

Is Child’s Safety Your Biggest Concern?

With increasing number of  assault and crimes against children,  travelling in school bus  has become really scary thing for parents. They have no idea if their kid has reached school safely. Parents are uncertain about their kids journey from school to home as well. The whole situation gets too panicky for both the parents and school. Every problem has its…

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What is EYFS? EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. EYFS is an education framework introduced in the United Kingdom for children upto five years of age. It is designed as such that it promotes the welfare and development of a child in his early years and prepares him mentally as well as physically so that he is ready to…

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