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How important it is to teach good touch and bad touch to your kids?

good and bad touch

Today world is no more a safe place  for the kids . Every now and then when we hear news related to child molestation, shivers run down our  spine. We always want to keep them in the reach of our eyes for every waking minute. This might be the case with every parent today. But is it possible for the parents to be that conscious all the time? We can neither keep our child locked in the house for long , nor we can be by their side always to protect them .

The best thing that we can do is to educate and make our child aware. We can make our child alert  so that they can minimise the risk of danger.

Weather school or at home it is important to have healthy coversation with kids on topics related to sexual development. There are many parents who hesitate in discussing about such topic with their children. We as parents need to realize that the earlier we educate them on this the better it will be . The parents have to be involved enough to determine a right time for this.

How to initiate critical topics of discussion with your kid?

I was sitting and playing with my daughter and instantly I hugged her. I asked her do you like when mama or papa hugs you? She said yes. This is how I explained her how a good touch feels like.

The difficult task was to explain her about the bad touch. I showed my daughter  pictures of  body part and told her the names of all body part. I taught her about the private body parts and told her that she should abstain people from touching them.

Parents should keep this in mind  that they should teach their children to differentiate between the intention of the person touching them. Children should immediately escape such situation where some one tries to touch them in a way they do not like  (pulling their cheeks or touching their thigh). They should try to escape such situation by shouting and running away  from that place.

As child grows older the communication should be wider and more elaborated including topics like puberty and safe sex practices. Teach your adolescents the values of a healthy relationship and to express love and intimacy in healthy ways, and to avoid exploitative or manipulative relationships.

The final message of any interaction with your child should be that no matter what, you will always be available unconditionally, to help them through their doubts, mistakes and adverse experience

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